A family affair for Paddy Casey at Stendhal festival


It’s been another long night for Paddy Casey. He is currently putting the finishing touches to the mix of a track for a new video and for the past week he has become far too familiar with the wee hours of the morning.

It is testament to the work ethic of a man who is not your average Irish Singer songwriter. For 17 years now, the Dubliner has been heralded as one of the most important Irish musicians to come along in a generation.

From a triple-platinum debut album, to consecutive Meteor Music Prizes, to a legacy spanning the best part of two decades gloriously recounted in his 2014 best of compilation ‘Songbook’, Paddy’s success has come with the cost of plenty of late nights.

And yet, here he is once again, working as hard as ever, doing what he loves.

“I had to get a rough mix ready for next week,” he says, “I have a video coming out in August and I want it to be as good as it can be.

“I’m also hoping to get two new albums out either by the end of the year or the start of 2017. One will be an acoustic album and the other a full-on studio album.”

So with not one, but two new albums on the way, it is quite clear that Paddy is still as enthralled with making music now as he has ever been.

“You never lose the love for it. Writing a song is like a drug in itself because you never know, the next song you write could be the greatest song the world has ever heard,” he mused.

His work in the studio is always gloriously relayed when Paddy takes to a stage. His two previous sets at Stendhal were the highlight for many on both occasions and his hat-trick performance in August is expected to go down just as well and he says that he is particularly looking forward to getting back to Stendhal.

“It’s hard to explain what it is about Stendhal,” he said, “it’s intimate and really friendly and has a great vibe about it, but the overriding feeling I have had there is that everyone is really pulling for it to succeed, there is so much goodwill towards it and that makes it something special.”

Stendhal will also be a special family affair for paddy this year as it will be the first time his daughters name, Saoirse, has appeared alongside his own on the bill of a major Irish festival.

“She is better than anyone that came through from my generation at her age,” he beamed, “I know of course I’m going to say that because I’m her father but listen to her lyrics, listen to her melodies, she has only just started to really concentrate on her music but she has something special inside and I’m obviously delighted that we will be on a festival bill together.

“I always thought that she would go on to do something scientific for a career and while she has been writing songs all her life, about two years ago she decided that she wanted to give music her full attention. It’s a thrill for me to be able to see the strides she is making in her development as an artist, I feel it’s important that I’ll always be there for her to talk to but never push her in any particular direction. She is finding her own voice and it has all the potential in the world to be a very special one.”

Festivals have played a huge part in the making of Paddy Casey. Discussing his favourite festival moment he cast his mind back to Witness Festival held in County Meath in the year 2000.

“I had released the first album a few months before the first Witness and I had been pretty much exclusively touring outside Ireland since then, so coming home to play this new festival I had no idea what to expect.

“I wasn’t expecting much to be fair, I was on in the afternoon and had no real concept of how the record had been received back home. So to walk on stage to 10,000 people who proceeded to sing along with all of the songs in the set was something else. It blew my mind, I remember just grinning all the way through it, I’m grinning now thinking about it.”

With the finishing touches to put to two new albums Paddy has plenty on his plate over the coming weeks and months but one thing is for sure, the young man who burst onto the music scene with work ethic of a saint and the talent of a sinner will remain an Irish musical icon for a long time to come.

See Paddy Casey and Saoirse Casey perform live at Stendhal Festival of Art on August 12/13. For tickets see www.stendhalfestival.com