BAFTA winning ‘Boogaloo and Graham’ to show at Stendhal

We’re delighted to announce that a special screening of the Bafta Award Winning and Academy Award nominated short film, ‘Boogaloo and Graham,’ will be showcased at this year’s Stendhal. In attendance with the film will be the film’s Producer, Brian J. Falconer, who will do a Q&A session on-site. 

As a friend of the festival, we are thrilled with the success Brian and his colleagues have achieved this year. Brian in return has made us blush by saying that he is looking forward to being a part of the Festival programme this year.  “I was here at Stendhal for year one to support the guys and have been to 3 of the 4 years so far,” said Brian. “So when they got in touch to ask if we would come along and do a special screening of the film we were delighted to oblige.

_80880956_bafta“I think that it is important for everyone within the arts sector in Northern Ireland to look at any and every opportunity they get to further showcase their work, so while yes the Stendhal boys and have been friends for a long time, even if we weren’t, we would have been very happy to get the call to show the film at a festival of the caliber of Stendhal.”

Whether you’ve seen the movie, or always wanted too, this will definitely be special!

Team Stendhalx

Stendhal Festival of Art

Best Small and Family Friendly Festival 2014

7-8 August 2015.