Big Telly Theatre

The Big Telly Theatre Company are back with a walkabout, interactive scenario called Happy Campers!


Location: Stendhal Festival Limavady.


The Joneses have been planning this trip for a long time. They’ve prepared weather charts, carried

out site visits, analysed soil samples and tested the equipment in a range of weather conditions.

They know exactly where to camp down to the nearest centimetre, they have a 5 season tent,

bearings, baffles, blousing bands and billy cans. They are ready. They are prepared for all


Except this one.

The Jackasses decided to come late last night after a few beers. They are not ready. But there’ll be

plenty of people there who will pitch in, won’t there? Isn’t that what camping’s all about?

Follow the Joneses as they embark on the perfect camping trip. Follow the Jackasses as they ruin it.


Interactive walkabout scenario performed by actors in masks. Spontaneous, random, fun!




Big Telly is a professional theatre company formed in 1987 and based in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. The company designs and delivers theatre productions, interactive workshop programmes and community creativity projects, which it mainly tours throughout Northern and Southern Ireland but also internationally. Their performance work concentrates on the visual potential of theatre through fusion with other art forms such as dance, music, circus, magic and film to create a unique sense of spectacle!