Covid Regulations and Stendhal Festival 2021

The rules and regulations regarding Stendhal Festival 2021 in relation to Covid 19 will remain fluid between now and our events in July and August.

We will provide regular updates on the policies we will put in place for the Events between now and the summer.

We anticipate that there will be numerous changes in rules and regulations over the coming weeks and we believe that some of the regulations we are putting in place now, will not be required by the time of the events.

Your safety and the safety of the general public is our number one priority.

Stendhal Festival will abide by all government guidelines in relation to outdoor events at the time of each event.

We worked incredibly hard to run a series of small events (at 5% our usual capacity) last summer, mid (an unvaccinated) pandemic, which we still believe could have been produced as safely as anything else permitted at that time.

Now with everything else opening up, not to mention the vaccine, our event(s) still being in the great outdoors, we are super confident we can deliver two of our most intimate events in years, but two that could have the most impact ever.

Current State of Play –
Update as of June 1.
June 21 st preliminary date for the re-opening of entertainment venues in
Northern Ireland.
June 21 – Proposed date for the end of social distancing legislation in England.
500 spectators are currently allowed at Sporting events.
Indoor hospitality venues and hotels have reopened.
We are in contact with the Department for Communities and the newly formed
Culture recovery taskforce as it pertains to guidance for running our events in
July and August.

March 2021.

Our plans are currently reliant on the continued success of the vaccination programme and people continuing to take heed of whatever guidance is given as we begin to make our way out of lockdown and down the road to recovery.

The key dates we will be basing our planning around are as follows;

  • April 1 (Northern Ireland comes out of Lockdown and enters phase 1 of a 5 step road to recovery)
  • May 17th (Outdoor events of 4000 people or fewer can potentially take place in England).
  • June 10th (Currently the last given date for any Stormont meeting to discuss recovery).
  • June 21st (Potentially the end of all social distancing legislation in England).

Expect Updates on Stendhal 2021 in and around these dates.

Current rules and regulations as they pertain to Stendhal Events in 2021.

Should we be allowed to proceed in the Summer there may well still be caveats in place for the events to proceed.

We will know them closer to the time and adjust our event management plan to adhere to all government guidelines.

The best case scenario is that no social distancing measures will be required by July, however should this not be the case, Stendhal Festival has a robust event plan and procedures in place that will ensure that everyone who comes to the festival can enjoy it in a socially distanced and safe manner.

At present, the following social distancing/covid measures will be in place at Stendhal Festival 2021;

Currently we have no plans to implement the use of vaccination passports/certificates as a condition of entry and would echo the sentiments of the health minister Robin Swann that the idea that these may be implemented anywhere makes us incredibly uncomfortable.

The only scenario in which we may ask for Vaccination Passports/Certificates is if our local council authority will not grant us a license without its implementation. If this becomes a reality, we will have to conform to their request so that the events can proceed, but we will do so under protest.

With the cap on capacity this summer, you will have much more room than ever before. It will be an intimate affair but the best possible opportunity we have in taking baby steps back to normality and hosting our usual 10,000 person plus event again in 2022.

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