Donovan the Legend, plays Stendhal Festival

From being the first ever interview in the first issue of Rolling Stones magazine in 1967,  to teaching the Beatles how to finger pick on the guitar, to being the first solo artist to sell-out Madison Square Garden, New York, to being inducted into both the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame; Donovan is a legend.

Having already headlined Glastonbury’s Acoustic Stage this year, Donovan is in the midst of his first tour in 10 years. Celebrating his 50th Anniversary, we are honoured that Stendhal Festival has been chosen as his only NI gig.


The audience can expect to hear many of his classic hits including ‘Catch the Wind’, ‘Mellow Yellow’ and ‘Sunshine Superman’, alongside music from his latest album Donovan Retrospective.

Of his forthcoming set at Stendhal, Donovan has added,

“I’ve heard some lovely things about Stendhal,” he said, “I believe it is a very family orientated event and that it has been winning awards as it has grown over the past several years, so I’m very happy to come along and be a part of it.


“Everything starts with an acoustic guitar,” said Donavan. “An acoustic guitar and using it to tell stories is what my career has been all about. Of course as you go along you can add production and some larger sounds, but at its core my songwriting and performance style has been quite a stripped back process.


“With that in mind, my set for Stendhal in August will be based on this. I’ll be sitting cross-legged on the stage with an acoustic guitar, telling stories.”

Now who doesn’t have mellow yellow going around their head?!

Donovan Leitch plays Stendhal Festival of Art on Friday 7 August.

Team Stendhalx

Winners of Best Small and Family Friendly Festival 2014

7-August, Limavady

Photo credit to gold mine mag