Embrace the GOAT

We’ve been turning heads on Main Street in Limavady with our stunning new Mural in Drumceatt Square.

In our humble opinion this piece of public art is Limavady’s Greatest Of All Time.
We love it.
Massive thanks to Dean (Visual Waste) for coming down to the Vad to create this and to CP Hire for the lend of the Boom lift.
Also big, big thanks to Donald Morgan, proprietor of the Alexander Arms, for allowing us to turn his wall into a canvas.

This represents the first major piece of public art Stendhal has commissioned in Limavady – Its something we have wanted to do since we started the festival in 2011 – crazy and delightful that we are now in a position to make a start on some more of the goals we set all those years ago.

We have a few other ideas in our locker that we hope to be exploring going into 2019 so the plan is that this is just the start of our public art installations around the town.

Of course we realise all art is subjective and judging from some of the online reactions from the locals there is a little sense of marmite about the work, some love it, some don’t. We knew not everyone would love it but the point is to get people in Limavady talking about art and its merits and of course to brighten the place up a wee bit.

In that sense, mission very much accomplished.

Even if this particular piece isn’t to your own taste, we hope you appreciate what we are trying to do by bringing a bit of colour to Limavady and that in time you will #embracethegoat.