FAQS 2024

FAQs 2024

Please read to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay this year. Please check back prior to the event as some details are subject to change.

All tickets are automatically emailed to the email address you provided us during the purchasing process. Log into the website using your email (which is your username) and password, select tickets and you can download your tickets directly from there.

Contact us via email at accessibility@stendhalfestival.com and we can give you any information you require. We have limited spaces set aside for weekend and day accessibility parking and have a dedicated accessibility camping area located as close to the festival entrance and car accessible car park as we can make it.

Thursday July 4th 4pm – 10pm (CAMPERVANS and CARAVANs can arrive from 1pm)

Friday July 6th 11am – 10pm

Saturday July 7th 11am – 9pm


Gates for campers who do not arrive until Friday July 5th and for Friday day ticket holders, will open at 10am and close at 10pm (strictly).

Gates open on Saturday July 6th at 10am and close at 9pm (strictly)

We ask that all patrons vacate the site by 11am on Sunday July 7th.

Yes, day passes are available at the gate, depending on stock. Camping passes may or may not be, depending on stock.
This year we expect on current sales that we will sell out, so our advice to is to buy early to get a cheaper price and ensure you can come.

Yes, this event is for over 18s only unless accompanied by a parent or guardian (legal guardian). We will be checking IDs of anyone who appears under 25.

A General Camping Weekend Ticket admits one adult over 18 into the general campsite for the weekend.

A family weekend ticket admits two adults and up to 2 children aged 17 and under into the family campsite for the weekend. 

Additional Children’s tickets, when presented with a Family weekend ticket will admit children under 18 into the family camping area with the remainder of the family.

A single parent ticket covers one adult and one child aged 17 and under. 

Stripe receipts are not tickets.

Stendhal Festival receipts are not tickets – all tickets will have a specific order number and QR Code on them.

Campervan/Caravan and Eco camping bolt-ons are not tickets – they must be presented with a valid weekend ticket to gain access to each specific campsite.

All visitor car parking (except accessibility and motorhomes) is located in two huge fields beside the festival site, located on the Edenmore Road. Signage and stewards will be in place to assist with your arrival. Enter 92 Edenmore Road, Limavady into google maps or your sat navs for further assistance.

Parking is split into two sections – Weekend Parking (family and General) and

Day Parking. The Main entry to both fields is via the same access road and splits off just as you approach the end of this access road.

All blue badge holders can apply for a parking space on site for both weekend stays and day stays. These car parks are located as close to the festival arenas as we can safely make them. Access is via the lane way at 61 Ballyavelin Road, the same route in as motorhomes. This will be sign- posted and stewards will be in position to assist you.

Admission to the car parks is £10 for all weekend camping and £5 for all day patrons.

Alternate Parking provisions. Should bad weather dictate that it is unsafe to park in the car parking fields we will activate several park and ride facilities, a short distance away in order to get you to the festival via shuttle bus without having to worry about your car.

If we need to do this, emails will be sent out to all ticket holders, we will post on social media and on our website and broadcast the message via BBC radio Ulster. Signage will also be in place for those who get closer to the site.

We have a team of skilled tractor drivers who will be on hand to help pull anyone out of the fields should this be required. If this instance occurs, we ask that patrons prepare for their turn to be assisted by having their car’s towing eye in place. Towing eyes are located in different areas of different types of car. Please familiarize yourself with where yours is and how it attaches to your car. 

Bus Routes – Bus routes to the Limavady Bus depot where you can then avail of the Stendhal shuttle bus service can be found at the below link



Train Routes – The closest train station to the site is at Bellarena. There is no connecting bus service from here so a taxi would be required to complete the journey.


Drop off point for cars/taxis – Cars and taxis dropping people off to enter the festival can drive into the main car park via the Edenmore Road for drop off in the car park before exiting back onto the Ballyavelin Road.

Pick Up point for cars/taxis post festival – pick up point for people who are getting picked up in cars is in the same car park as drop off.

Taxi pick up is in the same area as the shuttle bus pick up. As you exit the festival turn left just before you get to the main exit way to the car park and there is a holding area for taxis and the shuttle bus. This will be signposted.


Shuttle Bus – A SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE is available on the Friday and Saturday 

– It is a free service that operates on a donation only basis. (Minimum suggested donation is a pound.)

– It will transport festival goers to and from the festival site at designated times on Friday and Saturday.

Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th 

Friday July 5th
Saturday July 6th
Leaving Festival Site
Leaving Bus station in Limavady


All traders must have their menus including allergy advice on display at all times. If in doubt always ask.

All traders are asked to provide at least one family meal deal option, one vegan, one vegetarian and one gluten free option within their menus. A wide variety of food will be available on site.

Yes, there will be a supply of non-alcoholic beers at the bars on site.

If for some reason your family cannot all arrive at the same time on a family ticket, we can make arrangements for later arrivals as long as the first group to arrive has a child with them. Simply talk to our box office staff and they will take your ticket, provide you with wristbands and then hold back the remaining wristbands for when the rest of your family arrives in an envelope with their names on it. Unless advised otherwise in a particular instance by Stendhal Staff.

No vehicles can access the campsites. General Camping is approximately 200M from the main entrance and Family Camping is now a shorter walk from the new Family car park for any little legs in your party.

AccordionOur campervan site is fully booked so only those campervans with a valid campervan ticket will be granted entry to the festival arena or its weekend car parking field. If you have not got one of these passes – please do not bring your van, we do not allow people to sleep in their vans in the car parks for health and safety reasons. 

Trailer tents are not allowed in our campervan area or car parking fields – please do not arrive in one.

For health and safety reasons we do not allow campervans to leave site once they are parked except for emergencies and at specifically set daily times.

Times are as follows: 

Campervan exit times for 30mins:
Friday: 10am / 10:30pm
Saturday:10am / 10:30pm

It is an area for over 18s only – this will be strictly enforced.  It is beautiful farmland with views of the Binevenagh and Keady Mountains. Within general camping you will have toilets, bins for waste management and a very short walk to the festival arena. There are no showers or electrical charging points (yet) so bring your baby wipes and keep your phone on battery saving mode between Snapchats and Instagram posts. Security will be on site as well as our First Aid and Emergency response team Coastal Core, who are available 24 hours.

The family campsite is spread across three fields at a total of 14 acres of beautiful green farmland surrounded by stunning views of the Binevenagh and Keady Mountains. It is in the heartland of the stunning Roe Valley.

We encourage parents to select the area in which they chose to camp carefully. There are three areas within family camping (these areas will be signposted, and we appreciate that families come in all ages so these are really just a guide and the age guides will not be enforced).

Impressionists – 0-6 years

Surrealists – 7 – 11 years

Futurists – 12 -17 years

These are optional and obviously, you may have a dependent in each category but you should consider where you’d like to set up camp. If there is anyone in your party who is a particularly light sleeper – avoid pitching next to a generator or a light tower base. Interfering with this equipment will result in eviction and possible prosecution.

The campsite will include two nappy changing facilities, a feeding station, a BBQ area, bins and toilets.

There will be a drinking water supply.

Unfortunately, no showers (yet)

No electrical charging points are available so keep your phone on power-saving mode between Snapchats and Instagram posts.

Campers at Stendhal will have protection with a full quota of security staff – you can have some reassurance that young children leaving the campsite unattended will be questioned where their parents/guardians are.

We have two separate fields for our motorhomes this year. Both will have access to toilets, waste stations and grey water cubes. We unfortunately cannot provide electricity hook ups this year.

We do not have any restriction on the size of tent that you bring, however we would respectfully request that you limit your party to one tent as Family Camping is busy.

Awnings and gazebos are acceptable to bring but it we’d prefer if you didn’t – simply a space issue.

Absolutely – you are welcome to pack any picnic foods for you and your family. However, you should be mindful that any bottles of water/juice should be sealed on arrival and will be inspected by security. Glass objects including food jars are prohibited. Furthermore, blades are not allowed for safety reasons so biodegradable crockery/cutlery is what you need. This also applies to campervan users. There are plenty of food vendors at the festival to choose from.

Yes. We allow a limited amount of alcohol to be brought onsite to be consumed in the campsites. You may not bring alcohol from the campsites into the festival arenas.


General Camping Limit – 12 cans plus 1 litre container of spirit OR 12 cans plus a box of wine.

ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS and where possible please do not bring plastic bottles.


Family camping tickets holders limit – family campers should note this allowance is per ticket, not per adult. If your children are on site, we expect you to be in a position to assure they are looked after at all times.

12 cans plus 1 litre container of spirit OR 12 cans plus a box of wine.


You are free to bring any alcohol purchased at the bars back into the campsites.

Families are welcome to bring disposable BBQs only and should be used in the designated area away from tents.

Gas powered equipment is strictly forbidden for health and safety reasons with the exception of motorhome patrons

Everyone is different. But our advice is simple – you won’t need the kitchen sink!

Wellies are most advisable, as is drinking water (although we have multiple water points on site), warm layers and waterproofs. Torches, wipes, cash in case our wifi encounters issues and of course your tickets are essential.

A few extra blankets for nighttime are also advised.

We have stone paths around the festival arena, so a pushchair is an option. Many parents’ personal preference is a sling for infants, but our paths are wider and sturdier than previous years for your convenience.

The youngest Stendhal punter has been three weeks old – and she, along with her parents had a ball.

There are baby changing facilities on site and a dedicated breastfeeding area where new/expectant mothers can have some peace and privacy with a qualified and experienced Breastfeeding Counsellor and doula who can advise on postpartum support, baby massage and toddler yoga.

Something which parents may want to be mindful of is the noise levels from stages. Our music ranges from gentle acoustic sets to full brass bands and dance music so many parents have found ear defenders to be excellent for peace of mind and protection.

Strobe lighting effects will also be in operation.

You will hear swearing at the comedy shows and potentially occasionally from any of the acts, we have asked them to be mindful that there are children present but we cannot guarantee what is said on a live mic.

Our philosophy in kids’ entertainment is simple – feed their imagination and get them creative.

Our kids’ activities embrace the beautiful natural surroundings of Ballymully Cottage Farm; we want to encourage all sorts of crafts, music making, creativity and storytelling, in an environmentally responsible manner.

These activities are included in your family ticket so you shouldn’t have to reach into your pocket anymore to keep the kids happy.

See our Family blog for further details on the wealth of kids’ activities.

The family programme begins at 11am – 9pm on Friday

It will run from 10am – 9pm on Saturday

Yes, if you are parked in the car park – No if you have a campervan/caravan parked in the motorhome camping site (Except for emergencies and set times listed above)

 Once you have been issued your wristband, you can come and go as you need to but please remember that there is a re-entry cut-off point at 10pm on Thursday and Friday and 9pm on Saturday.

Please ensure that your wristband remains fixed to you and undamaged or it will not be valid on your return.

It is a campsite for like-minded people who have general weekend camping tickets, who wish to spend the weekend in a cleaner/more quiet camping area. It has designated recycling bins, is closer to the car park, has a bit more space and is not for families. You must be over 18 to enter this campsite. The same alcohol/health and safety rules will apply for this area, as the general campsite.

We love dogs but unfortunately for health and safety reasons as part of our licence agreement, we cannot allow dogs on site over the course of the weekend. Even our farm dogs who live on the site year-round cannot be on site over the weekend. The rationale is to protect people from potential dog attacks and to prevent any health matters that may arise due to children and dog poop.

Yes, but as we continue to endeavour to have suitable internet connectivity so that traders, vendors, bars and box office can all provide access to card payments, due to the 4g/internet connectivity of the area where the festival is located, this has proved a wee bit erratic over the past couple of years. We suggest that you bring enough cash to the festival that will do you the course of the weekend to ensure that if our card readers don’t perform as we want them to, you have means to purchase food and drink. We have no ATM on site so this will have to be done offsite before you arrive.

Any and all Glass objects including, drinks containers, food jars and perfume bottles.



Anything that could be construed as a weapon (screwdrivers, hammers, tools etc.)




see our Terms & Conditions for a full list


If you find something that has obviously been mislaid or dropped, please hand it into our security teams, anyone in a Stendhal high-vis vest or to anyone working at the main bars or welfare hut.

If you have lost something we may be able to return it to you over the course of the weekend but most likely it will be post event. Contact us on our Facebook messenger and if we have your item, we will arrange a time for you to call down to the farm and pick it up post event.

As per the terms and conditions at point of purchase, Stendhal Festival will only provide refunds on tickets should the event fail to take place. You are welcome to gift the tickets or resell them directly to another person. We do not facilitate resales and we do not update the names on tickets but we would ask that if you have sold the ticket that you pass on the name and email address of the purchaser for our records.

The Full day breakdown of acts will be released on our social media channels and website on June 20th 2024. Acts are subject to change. In the circumstances if acts or times change we will endeavour to notify the public via our social media channels and website as soon as possible.

Unless specifically cited as a family friendly comedy show, take it that all stand-up comedy performances will include bad language and themes best suited to adults.

If you have medical requirements that mean you need to bring otherwise banned items on site (e.g., needles, glass bottles etc.) please contact us before you arrive via email at accessibility@stendhalfestival.com so that we can inform our staff and prepare for your arrival and stay.