Food at Stendhal!!


At Stendhal we have a plethora of food and drink for you all to enjoy.  Have a look at the vendors and get your mouth watering!


The Brew Crew Cafe

Thai Lanna

The Crepe Makers

Master Food

George’s Chippy

The Rollin Stonebaker

Wake up and Taste

Braemar Farm Ice Cream

The Burger Hall

The Duck Pond

Broughgammon Farm

Docs Diner

Helen’s Cafe


In conjunction with the Supercouncil, it has been agreed this year, families may only bring in disposable bbqs that can be used in the designated area.  Single Weekend ticket holders are not permitted to bring these on-site.  NO GAS STOVES/BBQs may be brought on site.


Team Stendhal x

7-8 August 2015