We are pleased to say that Coastal Core Event Medical Services are once again returning to Stendhal for the safety of all our patrons.

There will be two medical bases at Stendhal:

One will be located in the main top field next to the Karma Valley field– which will be manned 10am-1am, with their shop next to it, for all your medical needs.

The second base, is the 24-hour manned medical tent located next to the Glamping, also in the main top field.


As ever,

***Medical conditions should be NOTIFIED to first aid point on entry to into the Main Field site, especially those with a KNOWN ALLERGY to wasps, nuts, medicines etc.

***Where families have a known allergy within their family, we strongly recommend you bring their epipens on site.


***In an emergency ALERT the nearest security guard, member of stendhal crew or first aid crew and assistance will be provided immediately.

***All first aiders will be wearing BLACK COASTAL CORE T-SHIRTS or GREEN HIGH VIS VESTS at all times and will be operating vehicles to quickly get to any incident. Please be aware of their movements and do not hinder they movements.


The ‘Not just a Plaster,’ Shop will be adjoining the First Aid Tent in the top main field. There you will be able to purchase:

*toilet roll





*sanitary towels


*insect repellent (available at a ‘Pay per squirt’)

*sun-cream (available as a ‘Pay per squirt’)

and much, much more!


Water will be sold in the merchandise tent within Karma Valley and the bars. Please drink sensibly, look after yourself and your friends, recreational drugs/legal highs are not permitted.  Remember to drink plenty of water – STAY HYDRATED!


REMEMBER — While there is a first aid crew on site they can not see every part of the stendhal land at one time so IF ANYONE HAS CONCERNS about a fellow stendhal attendee, REPORT IT to someone. They’d rather be called and it be nothing than not be called and someone be in distress.


Team Stendhal x