We are pleased to say that Coastal Core Event Medical Services are once again returning to Stendhal for the safety of all our patrons.

In addition to the new shop they will be running, there will be THREE First Aid tent bases at the festival:

1. Next to Ticket Office lane into the festival by the Family Camping will be the main tent.
2. By the Main Stage and 
3. At top of Karma Valley. 

All first aiders will be wearing GREEN HIGH VIS vests at all times.
In an emergency ALERT the nearest security guard, member of stendhal crew or first aid crew and assistance will be provided immediately.

Medical conditions should be NOTIFIED to first aid point before entry to into the Main Field site, especially those with a KNOWN ALLERGY to wasps, nuts etc.


In addition COASTAL CORE will be hosting a shop on site at the first aid point BESIDE MAIN STAGE. It will be open 9am until 9pm and they will be selling:

*toilet roll
*sanitary towels
*insect repellent
and much, much more!

The shop is called ‘Not just a plaster!’

REMEMBER — While there is a first aid crew on site they can not see every part of the stendhal land at one time so IF ANYONE HAS CONCERNS about a fellow stendhal attendee, REPORT IT to someone. They’d rather be called and it be nothing than not be called and someone be in distress.

Thank you for reading, TSx