In the Battle of the Giants

Limavady and the wider surrounding area is synonymous with myths and legends, from the Leap of the Dog, Gem of the Roe and Manannan Mac Lir, all from this area.

Photo by Kate Donaldson

Photo by Kate Donaldson

The theme for Annan’s Arch is the Battle of the Giant’s.

You can expect mythical story telling, the sign up stage, wonder wagon and performance /visual/conceptual /sound arts throughout the day. Bringing Annan’s Arch to life through their  immersive 3D sound will be Magik Door.

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Make sure you go and experience the Magik Door installation at Stendhal and the Wonder Wagon for arts, crafts, story telling and general craic!

The Battle of Anann and Balor will commence at 7pm each evening and is not to be missed! Expect fire, dance, song and drums and much much more!


In Annan’s Arch, our visual arts co-ordinator, Elaine is inspired by these myths and legends and uses it as a base for her artwork at Studio Souk, Belfast. Watch Elaine’s short video by Michael Reynolds at

Stendhal Festival of Art

12&13 August, Limavady