Meet the Valley ‘Woolskoolers!’

In another of our series about our volunteers and some of the art on site, we asked our two Crochet captains to tell us a little about themselves.

Evelyn Taylor and Karrie Campbell have been friends with the founders of Stendhal since their school years and have been involved with the festival since inception. Valley Woolskool began with their first ‘hugging tree’ at Stendhal Festival of Art 2012.







Since been given their own space ‘The Wooly Woodland’ has been created, a woodland full of beautiful, bright, knitted and crocheted hugging trees.


They work with friends, family and different community groups around Limavady (‘The Woolskoolers’) and have hosted workshops and beginners classes.

This year the ever expanding Valley Woolskool troop will be nurturing the growing woodland of hugging trees and yarnbombing throughout the festival site, it truly will be a wool extravaganza!733813_539445166104685_723449225_n

So… if there are any budding woolskoolers out there who would like to get involved, please get in touch, let’s do this!

You can join or contact Karrie and Evelyn via the facebook page – Valley Woolskool Facebook link


Team Stendhal x