Fun for all the family.
Fun for all.

All creatures

Great and small.

We strive for Stendhal Festival to cater for all ages and create a relaxed harmonious environment for all to enjoy. To help our younger festival goers feel at home we have added a few little treats here and there that we think they will truly enjoy.


``I cannot stop raving on about how great a family day Stendhal was! The attention to detail was amazing.``

Family Camper (Source Facebook)

Family ProgrammeTBC
The gist.

Families wishing to camp at the event will have their choice of one of three family camping areas beside the farmyard as close to the car park as we can get you. We encourage parents to select the area in which they chose to camp carefully. There are three areas within family camping (these areas will be signposted and we appreciate that families come in all ages so these are really just a guide and will not be enforced). Impressionists – 0-6 years
Surrealists – 7 – 11 years
Futurists – 12 -17 years
We will endeavour to help families throughout the weekend, so please stop one of our family volunteers should you need assistance. We ask that everyone if offsite on Sunday by noon.


A full programme of interactive workshops will be available for kids of all ages, all day Saturday. More information will be released along with our programme in the coming weeks.

In previous years our workshops have been facilitated by organisations such as Young at Art, The Nerve Centre, The Dry Arch Centre and other industry leaders.


All hot food traders at the event will be asked to provide meal deals to suit family requirements, providing wholesome food but keeping to Stendhal’s value for money ethos.

More information on the food vendors available at this year’s festival can be obtained via our blog or social media outlets.


Along with workshops we have a fantastic line-up of family and children’s entertainment lined up to perform at the festival.

We will also publish a parental guidance rating on all the other non-specific family acts performing at the festival on our website so that you have an idea of what may or may not be suitable for your kids to experience.

Terms of

Family tickets will only grant entry to those with children under 18 in company, we reserve the right at any point to question anyone thought to be in breach of this.

Our family ticket is designed to help families experience music and the arts at an exceptionally affordable price. Over the years people have attempted to gain entry on a family ticket clearly in violation of the spirit of the ticket.

A family is parents and children – not a pair of 19 year old cousins bringing in their two 16 year old siblings – you get the idea – you know what family tickets are for, please don’t try and take advantage of them, you won’t get in and no refund will be offered.


Your safety at the event is paramount to us. We will take every step to ensure that your family is incredibly well catered for however we do ask Parents / Guardians to remember that they are the primary source of responsibility for children. Patrons are allowed to leave the site, should parents wish to drop the kids off at the in-laws prior to the night time entertainment etc.

We love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have to make your experience at the festival better.