Paths n roads

YAY!! We just received delivery of some plastic roadways 🙂

These will help with our newly designed car parking system. Those of you at the 2014 event will appreciate our excitement at having a system that will enable for much smoother access to the parking field. It is likely this year that those visiting for the day only will be bussed in from nearby to relieve any congestion issues (especially on the friday evening), please note gates will also be open earlier this year (keep an eye on social media & website in the weeks ahead).

We’ve also just completed phase one (above) of our new entrance from the car park to the festival site which will divert visitors away from the farm yard (the hub for festival machinery & vehicles servicing the site) for a safer visit to Ballymully and a little less stress on us operationally.

We’d like to thank the good folk at DCAL for making all this happen. Their support towards the event should mean for a much more comfortable and pleasant journey around the farm this summer and beyond.

The line-up is coming on well and we hope to start making annoucnements towards the end of April!! Excited much.

Happy times as we develop the site for visitors and volunteers stress free festival pleasure 🙂

Be happy,