Brash Isaac

Brash Isaac

Brash Isaac is the musical pursuit of Andrew Cameron. Combining folk songwriting with a mixture of rock and pop, Brash Isaac’s music is both heartfelt and radio friendly. First grabbing attention with the infectious alt rock folk of debut single ‘In The Dark’ released in May 2016, Brash Isaac has continued to make a name for himself in the Northern Irish music scene.

Whether solo or with his full band, Brash Isaac has lit up venues around Belfast and beyond, including The Empire Music Hall and the Limelight. Following on from a series of EPs through 2016, Brash Isaac compiled his releases to date in December on ‘Living In The Dark & Other ClichĂ©s’.

In his owns words, Brash Isaac sings vocals, hits drums, strums guitar and does whatever else he can get his hands on to make his songs. He will do this to the best of his ability, to be in tune and in time, for your listening pleasure.


June 12, 2017