Hiva Oa

Hiva Oa

New material from Hiva Oa was a long time coming and a breath of fresh air.
Sometimes, it seems, a period of inactivity is better for a band than one of constant creation.
With the release of their stellar EP MKII (part 1) earlier this year, core members Stephen Houlihan and Christine Tubridy departed Edinburgh, returning to their native Ireland seeking renewed inspiration.
Hiva Oa retain the mystery and ambition of their former incarnations, but inject a heavy thrum to their intricate patchwork style, and turn their attentions to themes of fear, loneliness, abandonment and awakening.
Marrying primal, dizzying electronica, swelling bass hums, minimal guitar patterns Hiva Oa create a tightly wound, suffocating and intense atmosphere that is best experienced live.
Hiva Oa have become masters of developing atmospheres proving that, for them, a visit to old pastures has worked wonders.


May 10, 2017