The inimitable SOAK returns to Stendhal for the first time since she graced our main stage in 2014.

Since then she has released two critically acclaimed albums, played all over the world on some of the biggest bills and festivals and has grown into herself musically in a spectacular way.

It was clear from an early age that SOAK had all the potential and promise in the world and while she is still at the tender age of just 22, she has realised that promise and more and there is so much still to come.

Her 2019 sophomore album ‘Grim Town’ brings and unprescribed honesty, greater soundscape, bigger production, brass sections and soulful backing vocals that give Bridie the confidence to make herself more vulnerable, to truly put her introspections in the firing line.

There is a transience to the album, a movement which is sometimes unpredictable, but the broader sonic space created gives our heroine more space to be unsure of herself and explore parts of her psyche which are perhaps not so clear cut.


June 27, 2019