Relax by the River

Come “Relax By The River” during the festival with the team at North Star Health & Well-being Centre. Nuala, Anne, Betty & Ellen will be ready to welcome you into a relaxing and calm space where you can choose from the following:

1) MASSAGE: Enjoy an invigorating tension-releasing massage of the neck, back & shoulders. Great for removing tightness or tension created by everyday life and work.

2) REFLEXOLOGY: Relax the whole body and mind with stimulating Reflexology of the feet.

3) REIKI: Experience this beautiful energy healing for stress reduction and relaxation.

4) INTUITIVE READING: With the gift of “seeing” into the Spirit World, Anne will relay messages that are given to her. Without the use of cards, these readings are done in a positive, spiritually nurturing way.

We recommend that you book your appointment in advance by contacting North Star on 02871414464 or emailing