Socially distancing at Unlocked

The biggest challenge we face in putting on a socially distant festival is ensuring that we can allow patrons and staff to keep that distance at all times and in all areas of the site.

We have a plan in place that shows that we can achieve this, so long as our patrons play their part and respect and adhere to social distancing rules.

All patrons, staff and performers will be expected to respect social distancing measures and adhere to the current 1m rule.

Areas around the site will be marked so that social distancing can be adhered to easily and safely.

We will mark each stage audience area in a manner so that the 2 people who are sharing a tent (2 people from the same household/support bubble) can share the same space at the stages and also allow for 2m social distancing between them and the couples around them.

There will also be single space audience areas marked out.

There will also be traffic lanes marked out at the stages which will allow patrons to walk through the audience areas at the stages while still having 2m to ensure social distancing.

All queues will operate on a one-way system and will be designed and marked to allow for social distancing of 2m.

All seating will be marked to ensure social distancing.