Stendhal FAQ’s 2- Family Camping

****Firstly, there are two major points to be aware of****
1. Do not plan to arrive without your kids if you have a family ticket – you cannot.
• It is our Child Protection Policy to forbid any adults from receiving their wristbands (and so enter the campsite) without their kids being present.
• Please arrive as a full party.
• Once you have been given your wristbands you are free to come and go as you need to.
• Similarly, grandparents hoping to join their family should arrive at the same time as the wider family (and so with children).

2. If you have older children/teenagers, do not allow them to arrive at the festival without you in the hopes that they can receive their wristband.
• This is strictly not allowed – all U18s must be under the supervision of a parent/guardian over 25 at all times and so will be refused entry if unaccompanied.

3. Do I have the correct type of ticket?
• A family weekend ticket covers two adults and up to four children aged 17 and under
• A single parent ticket covers one adult and two children aged 17 and under
• Larger families have the option of paying an additional £10 per child, but only on arrival at the festival site
• To get the best value for your money – aim to purchase before the 1st August as tickets will increase in price.
• It is also advisable to have your ticket purchased before arrival on site as we do not have any ATMs on site, nor can we accept card payment for tickets.

4. What is the campsite like?
• The family campsite is 7.5 acres of beautiful green farmland surrounded by stunning views of the Binevenagh and Keady Mountains. It is in the heartland of the stunning Roe Valley.
• We encourage parents to select the area in which they chose to camp carefully. There are three areas within family camping (these areas will be signposted and we appreciate that families come in all ages so these are really just a guide and the age guides will not be enforced).
Impressionists – 0-6 years
Surrealists – 7 – 11 years
Futurists – 12 -17 years
• These are optional and obviously, you may have a dependent in each category but you should consider where you’d like to set up camp.
• If there is anyone in your party who is a particularly light sleeper – avoid pitching next to a generator or a light tower base. Interfering with this equipment will result in eviction and possible prosecution.
• The campsite will include bins and toilets
• There will also be a water supply
• Unfortunately, no showers (yet)
• No electrical charging points are available so keep your phone on power-saving mode between Snapchats and Instagram posts.
• Campers at Stendhal will have protection with a full quota of security staff – you can have some reassurance that young children leaving the campsite unattended will be questioned where their parents/guardians are.

5. Can I park my car by my tent?
• No vehicles can access the campsites. Family Camping is a shorter walk from the top of the car park for any little legs in your party – approximately 100M.

6. What type of tent can I bring?
• We do not have any restriction on the size of tent that you bring, however we would respectfully request that you limit your party to one tent as Family Camping is busy.
• Awnings and gazebos are acceptable to bring but it we’d prefer if you didn’t – simply a space issue.

7. Can I bring my own food?
• Absolutely – you are welcome to pack any picnic foods for you and your family.
• However, you should be mindful that any bottles of water/juice should be sealed on arrival and will be inspected by security.
• Glass objects including food jars are prohibited.
• Furthermore, blades are not allowed for safety reasons so plastic crockery/cutlery is what you need.
• This also applies to campervan users.
• There are plenty of food vendors at the festival from coffee to pizza, baguettes to noodles, crepes to Hog Roasts.

8. Can I bring alcohol into family camping?
• Yes.
• 12 cans plus 2 litre (plastic) bottle of spirit OR
• 12 cans plus a box of wine…
HOWEVER, family tickets should note …. this allowance is per ticket, not per adult

9. Can I BBQ?
• Families are welcome to bring disposable BBQs only and should be used in the designated area away from tents.
• Gas powered equipment is strictly forbidden for health and safety reasons.
• This also applies to campervan users.

10. What should I pack?
• All families are different. But our advice is simple – you won’t need the kitchen sink!
• Wellies are most advisable, as is drinking water, warm layers and waterproofs. Torches, wipes and of course your tickets are essential.
• If you forget some cosmetics/toiletries fear not – our First Aid Staff Coastal Core run a General Store selling items such as toilet rolls, sanitary towels, sun cream, condoms, bottled water, pain relief tablets and so on.

11. Could I bring my child’s pushchair/buggie?
We have stone paths around the festival arena so a pushchair is an option. Many parents’ personal preference is a sling for infants but our paths are wider and sturdier than previous years for your convenience.

12. Is it suitable for very young tots?
• The youngest Stendhal punter has been three weeks old – and she, along with her parents had a ball.
• There are baby changing facilities on site and a dedicated breastfeeding area where new/expectant mothers can have some peace and privacy with a qualified and experienced Breastfeeding Counsellor and doula who can advise on postpartum support, baby massage and toddler yoga.
• The Dry Arch Children’s Centre manage wonderful sensory tents and activities to stimulate aged 4 and under.
• Something which parents may want to be mindful of is the noise levels from stages. Our music ranges from gentle acoustic sets to full brass bands and dance music so many parents have found ear defenders to be excellent for peace of mind and protection.
• Strobe lighting effects will also be in operation.
• You may hear occasional swearing at the comedy shows or from any of the acts, we have asked them to be mindful that there are children present but we cannot guarantee what is said on a live mic.

13. What can I expect from the family entertainment?
• Our philosophy in kids’ entertainment is simple – feed their imagination and get them creative.
• Our kids’ activities embrace the beautiful natural surroundings of Ballymully Cottage Farm; we want to encourage all sorts of crafts, music making, creativity and storytelling, in an environmentally responsible manner.
• These activities are included in your family ticket so you shouldn’t have to reach into your pocket anymore to keep the kids happy.
• See our Family blog for further details on the wealth of kids’ activities.
• The family programme begins at 3pm – 9pm on Friday 11th
• It will run from 11am – 7pm on Saturday 12th