Stendhal FAQs Mini-update Part 2

As per every year, here at Stendhal, we try and go over some of the frequently asked questions and ask that you read over the answers – saves potentially embarrassing moments at the gate!


  • Is there a shuttle bus again this year?

We are pleased to say, yes, there is a shuttle bus running to and from the festival site.  The times will be posted in more detail on another blog post. First run on Friday night will be from the car park behind the bus depot in Limavady at 6pm and the last trip from the Limavady bus depot to the site will be 9pm.  Saturday morning will leave the festival at 10am and the bus depot at 10.30am. This is a donation only service but we would encourage you to give a£1.

The bus is there if individuals, families and couples wish to explore Limavady town, cafes or the Arts Centre, or for people who may need to go to the ATM.  There is no ATM on site. 

  •  Car Parking Costs 

For those of you who wish to park the car at the festival, parking for the weekend is £4 and day parking is £3.

No caravans, no motorhomes, no trailer tents will be allowed on site. Do not bring, you will not be permitted entry. Where you see caravans these are for our artists and traders who travel from afar.  Anyone arriving in a camper van/converted small transit without a camper van ticket will be charged at £25.

  • Site closing time

10pm both nights. No entry after this time.  The ticket office and gates will be closed.

  • Can we bring dogs and cats or pets?

Afraid not, only our pandas are allowed on site. (And no dogs cut and dyed to look like pandas!)

Two boarding kennels we suggest are, one at Greysteel for those coming from Donegal/ Derry-Londondery direction at or, Paws Kennel in Limavady

  • Why buy a Family Weekend Ticket in advance?

At £60 for a weekend camping for 2 adults and 4 kids under 17 – we believe we are one of the best value festivals around. Life is about experiences and we believe Stendhal Festival provides a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your children, no matter their age, as there is something from the toddlers to the teenagers to keep them entertained!

There is no day ticket for families because the cost of the family weekend ticket is still cheaper than 2 single adult day tickets. Take advantage and all arrive on Friday.

For those who have bought a family ticket in advance, you will be able to use the family drop-off zone!  This it is an area to offload the equipment and the rest of the family and you can then go and park in the carpark.  The advantage is less walking and less lifting!  If you have not bought a ticket in advance, you will not be able to use the drop-off facility.

Families weekend ticket holders are the only ones allowed to bring small bbq and gas stoves but these can ONLY be used at the designated cooking area.  Anyone in breach may have their equipment confiscated and we may have to review next year if people do not follow this simple request.

Inside the family camp area this year we are pleased to announce there will be a small general store for festival essentials and also a vendor selling tea and coffee in your campsite!

Remember though for family weekend holders alcohol can only be consumed in the campsite area and cannot be brought into the main arena and the drinks allowance is only per ticket.  This is the same as last year and the limit is 12 cans and a plastic bottle of alcohol/or a small box of wine.  You will only be permitted to bring alcohol on to the site once. Parents/guardians are also responsible for their children at all times.  Bottles of water should be sealed on arrival, there is a freshwater point near the Ticket Office and general store for refreshments. No glass. No aerosols. No sharp knives. No drugs.

  •  What about General Weekend Campers?

The main difference from the family ticket holders is you are not permitted to bring gas stoves or bbq’s or have any open fires of any kind in the general camping area. These will be removed from you at the search area if you try to bring these in.  We have a number of food vendors in the campsite, including tea and coffee.

General Weekend Campers are allowed 12 cans and a plastic bottle/or/ a small box of wine on their tickets.  No aerosols, no glass, no knives, no drugs.

  •  Will I be charged less money if I only come out for the last few hours?


You will be charged the full day price, so you should definitely arrive as early as you can.


Other notes:

  • We advise you bring a small lock for your tent and leave valuables at home. If you bring these, please know your limits as items will go missing or label the items, phones have a habit of falling out of your back pocket.  Lost property will be located at the Main Ticket Office in the Barn.  If you do lost any items please check the Facebook page after the event as we list anything handed in or found.
  • Do not take, do not buy, do not supply any drugs. The same as last year plain clothes police will be on site and security will be searching. Anyone found will be automatically handed over to the police.
  • Our First Aid will be provided by Coastal Core Medical Services. They will be visible around the site at all times.  If you require assistance during the night go to one of security who will radio through to the rapid response First Aid Team.
  • Please be aware that food provided by the vendors may/will contain nuts.
  • Remember, no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing 🙂 Please dress accordingly and bring spare dry clothes.


More updates will follow

Team Stendhal x


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