Stendhal FAQs Part 3 –General Campers

1. What do I need to bring?
• Tickets – print these off from the login tab on our website if you haven’t already.
• Paypal receipts are not tickets.
• Cash for your purchases – unfortunately we don’t have any ATMs on site.
• Your I.D. – you may be challenged; no I.D. no entry. (No U18s can be granted access unless they are under supervision of a parent/guardian over 25)
• Extra layers and your wellies
• Waterproofs/torch/sleeping bag/loo roll/tent pegs etc… etc…
• You should not bring … Glass objects including food jars and perfume bottles, blades/scissors, razors, drones, BBQs, fireworks, flares … see our Terms & Conditions for a full list.

2. Do I have the correct type of ticket?
• If you wish to camp at Stendhal you need a General Weekend Camping ticket, unless you are with your family – then a Family Weekend Ticket would be necessary to camp.
• Fri Only and Sat Only ticket holders cannot gain access to the campsites.
• There is no ticket option which covers camping for one night only.

3. What is the general campsite like?
• It is an area for over 18s only – this will be strictly enforced
• It is beautiful farmland with views of the Binevenagh and Keady Mountains
• Within general camping you will have toilets, bins for waste management and a very short walk to the festival arena.
• There are no showers or electrical charging points (yet) so bring your baby wipes and keep your phone on battery saving mode between Snapchats and Instagram posts.
• Security will be on site as well as our First Aid and Emergency response team Coastal Core, who are available 24 hours.

4. Can I bring alcohol?
• Yes, but there is a limit …
o 12 cans plus 2 litre (plastic) bottle of spirit OR
o 12 cans plus a box of wine…
• Please ensure you have no glass bottles
• You will have one opportunity only to bring in alcohol; your wristband will be amended as such once you have brought alcohol in so make sure you bring it all at the one time.
• This alcohol can only be consumed in the campsite
• Our bars are not owned/sponsored by any large brewery so our prices are very reasonable 
• In addition to our Main Bars, we have a cocktail bar, a prosecco bar and a Craft Beer bar in the festival arena.

5. Can I park by my tent?
• No vehicles can access the campsites. You’ll have approximately a 400M walk from the top of the car park/Ticket Office

6. Can I bring food?
• Absolutely – you are welcome to pack any picnic foods
• However, you should be mindful that any bottles of water/juice should be sealed on arrival and will be inspected by security.
• Glass objects including food jars will not be allowed.
• Furthermore, blades are not allowed for safety reasons so plastic crockery/cutlery is what you need.
• If you carry plastic bottles of juice/water with you from the campsite, security will ask you to remove the lid for security reasons.
• This also applies to campervan users.
• There are plenty of food vendors at the festival from coffee to pizza, baguettes to noodles, crepes to Hog Roasts. Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free foods will also be available.

7. Can I BBQ?
• Due to health and safety concerns, BBQs (even disposable ones) and gas powered stoves/trangias will not be permitted in the General Campsite.

8. Can I leave the festival and come back?
• Once you have been issued your wristband, you can come and go as you need to but please remember that their is a re-entry cut-off point at 10pm each night.
• Please ensure that your wristband remains fixed to you and undamaged or it will not be valid on your return.
• See our FAQs part 1 for our shuttle bus info

9. What type of tent can I bring?
• We do not have any restriction on the size of tent that you bring.
• Awnings and gazebos are acceptable to bring but it we’d prefer if you didn’t – simply a space issue.
• Please be careful of where you pitch your tent; leave the fire lanes clear and avoid camping near light towers bases if you’re a light sleeper.
• Interference with any site equipment, including its signage will result in eviction and possible persecution.

10. What is eco camping?
a. Is for like-minded people who wish to live in a cleaner/nicer camping area.
-Has designated recycling bins.
-Is the closest campsite to the festival site.
-Has a small communal tent area.
-Is not for families.
b. You must be over 18 to enter this campsite.
c. Eco-camping is a £10 bolt-on top of your normal camping ticket price.
d. The same alcohol/health and safety rules will apply for this area, as the general campsite.

11. Is there a shop at Stendhal?
• Our First Aid team, Coastal Core run a general store for anything you may have forgotten
• They will sell bottled water, pain relief, condoms, sanitary towels, toilet rolls, sun cream, plasters and much more..

Happy Camping & Stay Safe