Stendhal for and by all…..

At Stendhal we believe the arts should be accessible to all, particularly as a region where we have such a wealth of talent to showcase. We are continuing to ever expand our accessibility and act as a platform for all.  Have a read.


Arts for and by all, is why Stendhal Festival is honoured to welcome back the Green Shed Project, a group of adults with learning disabilities who have a garden centre at the Roe Valley Hospital in Limavady, in partnership with the Limavady Community Development Initiative (LCDI) and Benbradagh Resource.

Both last year and this year the Group have designed and will maintain and visually delight with their display of flowers in the Peace Garden!  Do you remember seeing the beautiful flowers and path leading to the Wishing Well?

This year, to complement the peaceful vibe by Green Shed, the Garden Shed Stage has relocated and will now be in the Peace Garden area!!  The Peace Garden will be one of our foremost chill out zones and has been designed as an area to go sit, relax, listen to spoken word and verse; and to be surrounded by nature (as well as close to the Secret Garden)!  We can’t wait to see it and thanks for coming back…..Next up…we are thrilled to welcome…

Here is a photo of the Green Shed Group men from Last Year:




Many of you from Belfast may already be familiar with the Black Moon Disco which takes place at the Black Box in Belfast. Black Moon Disco is a monthly club for and by adults with learning disabilities.   And we’re excited to announce that DJ Mark Patty will be taking to the Karma Valley Stage on Saturday afternoon so make sure you give him a Stendhal welcome and go down and have a large dance!

DJ Mark Patty:



To help navigate the fields, last year was the first year that we deployed astroturf to help get around for those who may need a bit more help underneath.  This year, even more astroturf paths will be used.  And while we are trying to improve this aspect, it may not be suitable for all, it is the outdoors after all.

If you do have a disability and want to discuss further please send us a private message on our Facebook page

  Astropaths galore!:DSC_0632


Thanks for reading and supporting all our artists. Art for and by all, Team Stendhalx


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8-9 August


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