Stendhal Shuttle Bus

All aboard the Stendhal Bus

Don’t fancy driving to Stendhal this year? Not a problem thanks to our free shuttle bus service between Limavady and the festival site on Friday and Saturday only.

This service will be running from 6pm to 9pm on Friday August 8, leaving from the car park behind Limavady Bus Depot and will run in half hour intervals (ie. 6pm leaves Limavady bus depot, 6:30pm leaves the festival site.)

On Saturday August 9 the service will be running from 10am to 9pm, again at half hour intervals but leaving from the site first at 10am.

So if any of our patrons have never been to Limavady before, here is a great chance to take a sneak peak if the mood takes you, or if any of our guests have forgotten something and need to call back into town quickly for their ID etc, we have that covered. There is also no ATM on site so if you need to buy extra merchandise and craft treats, why not use the bus.

This will be a voluntary service provided by a qualified bus driver and while there will be no fee to use the shuttle bus, we will say that any donations made to the driver for his time will be greatly appreciated and will help us keep and improve this addition to the festival for the years to come.

Time table

Friday August 8: 6pm leaving Limavady Bus Depot Car park, 6:30 leaving festival site, 7pm leaving bus depot, 7:30 leaving festival site, 8pm leaving bus depot, 8:30 leaving festival site, 9pm (LAST RUN OF THE EVENING) leaving bus depot.


Saturday August 9 : 10am Leaving festival site, 10:30 leaving bus depot, 11am leaving festival site, 11:30am leaving bus depot, 12 noon leaving festival site, 12:30pm leaving bus depot, 1pm leaving festival site, 1:30pm leaving bus depot, 2pm leaving festival site, 2:30pm leaving bus depot, 3pm leaving festival site, 3:30pm leaving bus depot, 4pm leaving festival site, 4:30pm leaving bus depot, 5pm leaving festival site, 5:30pm leaving bus depot, 6pm leaving festival site, 6:30pm leaving bus depot, 7pm leaving festival site, 7:30pm leaving bus depot, 8pm leaving festival site(LAST TIME LEAVING SITE), 8:30 pm leaving bus depot , 9pm leaving Bus depot (LAST RUN OF THE EVENING).


There is no shuttle bus on Sunday.  We would ask you to consult your onward journey by bus and consider if you might be better getting a taxi directly to Dungiven bus stop for Belfast.  Please see a list of telephone numbers for local taxis:


Stendhal Festival of Art


8-9 August