Terms and Conditions

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Please note ID may be requested upon entering the site – those who fail to provide valid identification will not be granted a wristband suitable over 18s and so may be refused entry.

  • For prohibited items see points 25-28
  • For alcohol allowances see point 20-25
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The purchase of a ticket signifies that the ticket holder will comply with all the rules and regulations stated below. Failure to adhere to these will render the ticket holder unable to access the event or liable to be evicted from the event.

1. Ticket holders under the age of 18 will not be permitted entry unless on a family ticket and so accompanied by a parent/guardian, over 25. ID of all persons attending the event will be checked at the entrance areas to the event. Those without ID will not gain entry to the event.

2. This ticket is issued subject to the rules and regulations of the site owners, operators and management.

3. It is a condition of the festival’s licence that every person entering the event site must have a valid ticket and proof of identification.

4. Any changes required to tickets must be undertaken before attending the event, there is no facilities on site to alter tickets or bookings in any way.

5. The promoter, Stendhal Festival Ltd, reserves the right to refuse entry of the ticket holder to the event site. Any person in breach of these agreements may be liable for prosecution.

6. The promoter reserves the right to search any person, vehicle or personnel belongings entering the site and may refuse entry or evict from the site any person who refuses to be searched.

7. Ticket Holders agree to maintain a due care for their safety, and the safety of those around them at all times, within the event site. Neither the promoter or its contractors will be held for any negligence on their part which causes them or others injury or harm. Admission to the site and event areas are at their own risk.

8. This ticket is not transferable. No money will be refunded or tickets exchanged after purchase unless the event is cancelled. In the event of cancellation, the promoter will refund the face value of the ticket to the original purchasers through the ticket agent. Once the event begins and the ticket holder has arrived onsite, there will be no refund in the very unlikely event of the event being cancelled.

9. No duplicate tickets or wristbands will be issued in the event of loss.

10. Patrons must have their wristband on their wrist to enable them to leave the festival and return. No replacement wristbands or pass outs will be granted in the event of damage/cutting of the wristband.

11. The promoter and its agents will not be held liable for any loss or damage occurred to patrons’ property whilst within the event site areas including the car parking areas or others considered to be part of the event.

12. Patrons must camp within the areas marked out for tents in each campsite. Should any tents be found to be pitched in fire lanes or in any position which could compromise event safety, they may be moved, removed or destroyed without notice.

13. The promoter cannot be held liable for any changes to the line-up or format of the event in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

14. The event is an outdoor event and ticket holders are advised to ensure they are prepared for the weather conditions and expect that ground conditions could be muddy or wet in areas, in the event of poor weather conditions in the run up to the event.

15. Any ticket holder with medical conditions are strongly advised to declare these to Medical Staff at any First Aid point as soon as possible after arriving. This will assist in the best medical care being provided to them. Any needles or syringes must be declared to security at search where medical staff will establish if they are for a legitimate medical condition. Please bring any form of medical certificates etc. to help this process.

16. Except for registered Guide Dogs, no animals are permitted onto the site.

17. Disabled Persons requiring assistance or access to viewing platform must let the Festival Office know asap after purchase of ticket.

18. Any Blue Badge holders who wish to reserve a parking space must contact Stendhal before the event. Limited spaces are available and whilst we do our best to accommodate everyone, it cannot be guaranteed.

19. Ticket Holders are not permitted to sell any form of goods or services within the festival without written consent, in the form of a licence to trade, from the promoter. Persons found to be in breach of this will be ejected and handed over to the Police and Trading Standards.

20. Only Ticket Holders with access to the campsites may bring alcohol onto the site.

21. The Ticket Holders may only bring onto site a maximum of 12 cans and one two litre plastic bottle of alcohol/small box of wine per ticket. This alcohol may only be consumed in the campsites and not in the festival arena itself.

22. Ticket Holders should note that there will only be one occasion where alcohol can be brought into the festival site; security will adjust the wristband accordingly and no subsequent alcohol will be permitted.

23. No alcohol cans or plastic bottle lids may be brought into the arenas for health and safety issues.

24. Water may be brought into the festival site but it must be in a sealed container.

25. No glass bottles whatsoever are permitted onto site.

26. The following prohibited items are not permitted onto the festival site:
● Any offensive weapons
● Any blade (including pen knives)
● Any tools (bar rubber tent peg mallets)
● Glass objects (including drinks or perfume)
● Gas powered equipment
● Fireworks, Smoke Canisters or Pyrotechnics/flares
● Sound Equipment that may cause an annoyance

Drone aerial photographic equipment or any unmanned aircraft

Any item or object which is deemed to cause a potential health and safety risk

27. Any illegal items (including drugs) being brought onto site will be seized by PSNI and the person whose possession it was in will be arrested and prosecuted.

28. Gas powered BBQs are not permitted at this event – disposable BBQs may be used in designated areas in the family camping area.

29. Open fires are not permitted anywhere within the festival site without the permission of the organisers. Anybody caught doing so may be ejected from the site without refund.

30. For patrons with Campervans, we are not responsible for providing any fire safety equipment to individuals for individual Campervans. Please bring your own fire fighting equipment. Remember NO Gas canisters of any kind are allowed on site.

31. Any ticket holder found to be undertaking in antisocial behaviour, including public disorder, drunkenness, crowd surfing, moshing may be ejected from the event without refund.

32. Strobe Lighting and Special Effects will be in use at this festival. Anyone affected by this should contact the Festival Information Office in the campsite when they arrive to get more information on which areas, artists or sets are using these types of lighting or effects.

33. Ticket holders must note that prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Should you require ear plugs, contact a First Aid post.

34. Cyclists should take note that bicycles will not be allowed into the festival arena – an area will be provided to lock your bicycle near the main entrance.

35. Day ticket holders should note that car parking will be available at a secondary car park close to the main festival arena. The on-site car parking is for weekend ticket holders only.

36. Family campers should note that unless children are present on arrival at the festival, admittance to the family campsite will not be granted. This is to support our Child Protection Policy and will be strictly enforced.

37. Trailer tents are not permitted onto the festival site and will be refused entry.

38. Anyone found sleeping in the car parking areas or attempting to set up camp will be asked to move immediately.

39. The owners and event organisers reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any point when considering public health and safety and smooth operations.