The Armagh Rhymers

The Armagh Rhymers are Northern Ireland’s oldest professional theatre company.  Established in the late 1970s, this respected professional group, are one of Europe’s most celebrated folk theatre ensembles.  Their style is deeply rooted in the old Irish Mumming traditions of poetry, music, drama, song and dance.

Instantly recognisable by their willow masks, we are delighted to welcome them to Stendhal Festival on Friday 7 August where they will bring their distinctive style around the field.

A respected professional group of entertainers, they have been delighting audiences for over 30 years with their unique blend of Mumming.  It’s an experience that stirs emotions of “fear and friendliness” (according to the great Tyrone poet John Montague) and poets from all over Ireland have written and celebrated this strange phenomenon.  As festival stalwarts, the Armagh Rhymers have been performing internationally at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, Dublin Ohio Festival, New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival, Smithsonian Festival, Assite J of Korea, Palais de Beaux Arts, and Citee de la Musique; Glastonbury 2013 and now Stendhal Festival.

This is one for the whole family to enjoy.

Team Stendhalx

7-8 August 2015

Best Small and Family Friendly Festival in Ireland