Meet the Big Busk crew

The Big Busk was started by Stendhal in 2012 as one of our community outreach workshops. Since those initial workshops, the Big Busk continues to flourish and grow.  It has now gone on to raise funds for charity and we are proud that they will be once again performing at this year’s Stendhal.


Limavady town centre


Keady Clachan

Where do you play?

The Big Busk takes part in a variety of different events from street busking to music nights in local venues. The variety means that the group’s members get a chance to perform whatever they want; be it singing their own material, showing off their skills on an instrument or teaming up with other members of the busk to perform. The events always have a finale where all the members combine to play a set of songs that we practice during our workshops; this allows the members who have yet to gain the courage for the individual slots to participate and perform to an audience at a level they are comfortable with.

The Big Busk now has two focal points in the year; we meet at the start of the summer to set up the workshops, induct new members and work towards our set at the Stendhal Festival. We take a break for a few months and then regroup for the Christmas Busk.


Stendhal 2014 – Woodtown

It is a great way for musicians and singers of all ages and abilities to get experience of playing as part of a group, meet people with similar goals and get the confidence to perform in front of an audience.

Last year’s Big Busk had several performers who had never played in public before; within the space of a year some of them have become confident performers in their own right. Some have grouped together to form bands and some have used the Big Busk experience to showcase their unique talents.


Frank Owens, Limavady

Last but not least is the charity element, what’s busking without a hat after all? The Big Busk raises money for our charity Cancer Focus NI at our events and we have raised nearly £1200 for a very worthy cause.


Performance at the Sqaure, Limavady

If you would like to get involved with the Big Busk you can find them over on facebook The Big Busk for Stendhal group – They welcome all and when you see them at Stendhal this year, please show them your support.  TSx