The Vent Collective are back!

As any of our regular attendees will recognise the Vent Collective murals have become a bit of a hit at Stendhal Festival.

Vent @ Stendhal

Vent have been painting murals for Stendhal for over three years now and always try to bring a fresh splash of colour to the festival with a slightly Stendhalian feel.

Each year the folk create a bespoke mural on-site over the course of the weekend.  These over the years have been collected and re-used in our entrance ways as a reminder of the years that have come before. You might recognise some of their work from these photos:


But who are Vent Collective?

The VENT Collective is a dynamic group of 3 multidisciplinary visual artists based in Belfast Northern Ireland; formed in July 2008 by artists who felt naturally drawn together by their shared visions for art and the artistic communities around them. As a collective they cover the areas of painting, photography, illustration, print making, graphic design, set design and sculpture.

The VENT Collective believe and encourage that everyone has talent and a right to express their ideas by creating something beautiful that can be shared by everyone. For that reason the majority of their projects involve collaborations with unknown artists and the public.

Their work has been seen at Culture Night Belfast and the Return of Comcille (as part of City of Culture 2013 celebrations).

Keep an eye out this year for the team bringing us into another technicolour celebration of the Stendhal Syndrome ;O)


Team Stendhalx

Stendhal Festival of Art

7-8 August 2015

Winners Best Small and Family Friendly Festival in Ireland 2014.