Trader Application 2023

Dear applicant, 

Thank you for your interest in trading at Stendhal Festival, 6th July – 8th July, 2023

Stendhal Festival is the biggest outdoor camping music and arts festival in Northern Ireland. 

The event has won multiple awards since its inception in 2011 including; Best Small Festival in Ireland (3 times) Best Family Festival in Ireland and Best home-grown line-up in Ireland.

Based on a community ethos the festival has grown from strength to strength annually, recording growth at a rate of approximately 30% year on year.

Heading into our 13th year in 2023, there will be approximately 10,000 visitors and 1200 participants on site for the event this summer. 

(Thursday approx. 5000 on site, Friday and Saturday approx. 10,000 on site per day).

Present ticket sales show a 25% increase on sales at this point last year.

Trading hours for 2023: Thursday July 6th (campsite 4pm – 1:30am, Main Field 5pm- 1:30am, Karma Valley N/A) 

Friday/Saturday July 7th/8th (Campsite 7am – 1:30am, Main Field 11am – 1:30am, Karma Valley 11am – 1:30am).

Those trading in the campsite area may trade on Sunday July 9th from 7am – 11am.

Those trading in the festival arenas may not trade on the Sunday as the arenas are closed from 1:30am on Saturday July 2nd.

Please read and complete this initial contact sheet for trading at the event this summer.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, March 28th, 2023. 

All applications will be assessed on what they can bring to the wider project aims, all traders at last year’s event have expressed a keen interest in returning along with many new enquiries.

Deposits for successful traders (50%) is required by Monday, April 10th, 2023.

The remaining 50% will be required in full by Monday, June 12th, 2023.


    Power Requirements

    I understand that if my application is successful that I must provide the following certificates and documentation to Stendhal Festival to allow for checks by the environmental health team at Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.1) Public Liability insurance.2) Health and Hygiene Certificates3) Gas Certification (If applicable)4) Electrical certification5) Risk assessment 6) Local Authority (Council) certification.

    Support vehicle - Do you require space behind your pitch for a support vehicle/gazebos Please not these spaces will only be provided if absolutely necessary.

    Stendhal must insist that all containers/packaging/cutlery provided by food vendors is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable as we move towards our green event targets, we also have a zero-tolerance policy in the use/provision of Single use plastics or polystyrene, i.e., plastic straws, polystyrene containers, plastic bottles (including water). Disposable single-serving sachets, like those used for sauces or sugar, are not to be supplied or available anywhere on-site.If you cannot adhere to our environmental principles, you may not trade at the festival.During the event, all vendors must commit to sorting packaging, food waste and residual waste into the appropriate labelled containers that will be situated nearby.No selling of alcohol, cigarettes, or anything other than that submitted on Product/Price list will be tolerated at the event. If we find you to be in breach of this, you may be prevented from further trade.All traders shall be subject to this process to trade at Stendhal. All Hot-food traders must provide at least one family deal in their submissions in keeping with the ethos of the event. More details/terms/prices will be discussed upon Stage Two. You may also wish to consider a breakfast option.All hot food traders must provide at least one vegetarian option, one gluten free option and one vegan option.We would also insist that prices reflect high street prices in keeping with our ethos as a value for money event.All traders must always display any relevant allergy advice during trading. Successful applicants will be required to have their stalls/vans set up on site at Ballymully Cottage Farm no later than 2pm Wednesday July 5th but ideally, we would like you arriving on site to set up from the Tuesday (4th July) if possible. Please note, we supply all the electrical requirements you will need to your door, however, please bring along your own leads etc. as a back-up in the event of any unforeseen issues.