Unlocked Event Management and Safety Plan delivered to relevant bodies

The Team at Stendhal Festival Presents Unlocked last week officially submitted their 249 page event safety and management plan to all relevant bodies, as they ramp up their efforts to get the green light for the proposed series of socially distant outdoor music festivals.

Event Director Ross Parkhill said:

“We are delighted to say that we have submitted our Event Management Plan to the relevant agencies for our series of UNLOCKED events.

“As things continue to evolve every week – we are now more and more confident that there will be some festivity at Ballymully this year.

“At 249 pages, we believe this Event Plan, which we have being developing since early May, is fully comprehensive in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all who choose to be a part of Unlocked and we look forward to hearing feedback from bodies such as the PSNI, Evironmental Health, The Ambulance Service, The Council Events Team and The Northern Ireland Fire Service.”