We got to play with lasers!

Last week we took some time out to visit the Fablab at the Nerve Centre, (Click me to see more) to learn and get hands on experience using some of their equipment, in particular the Laser Cutter/Engraver.

It really is a treasure trove full of tech, and creative folk who have more experience than you can shake a big laser stick at! So a big thank you to all the staff there Nim, Paul, Delia and Rachel for helping us along the way.

This year Stendhal is offering the chance for 2 lucky primary schools to win a full day workshop in your classroom, on either the 18th or 19th June, in association with the Nerve Centre’s Creative Learning Centre. So we used the LaserĀ Cutter/Engraver to prepare some characters for the animations and keyrings for all of those will participate on the day.

Competition details will be released this Monday 11th May in our news section and on social media, so stay tuned if you think your school may be interested.

Details will be announced on Monday 11th May.

Details will be announced on Monday 11th May.