We’ve got you covered!

Let’s talk about the weather and let us reassure you.

Many of you have never been to Stendhal and this will be your first time.  You’re not sure what to expect and may just think you are going to stand in a field regardless of the weather but fear not!!  — We’ve got you covered!!

Those of you who attended last year will be familiar with the fantastic Stretch Tents we used last year down in Karma Valley.  This year, we’ve only gone and doubled the number of these to 6!!! So, between 6 stretch marquees and 14 other marquees, we really do have you covered.

Since last year, we have put in even more drainage and have added even more astroturf paths.  And for those of you who have a family camping weekend ticket already purchased before the festival, you will be able to use the family drop-off zone to offload your gear and even better the family camping is right next to the drop-off zone!

But back to the visual reassurance – let’s have a look at some of the pictures from our friends at Maverick Marquees and NorthDown Marquees

As a wise man said to me this week – you can never have bad weather, just bad clothing 😉

When else can you show off your wellies, rain or shine!

Some of you might remember one of old videos too – for old times sake – “Prepare for the elements,” TSx

Prepare for the elements

Stendhal Festival of Art

8-9 August


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